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5 reasons why we are called 'Boundless'

Cup of coffee, pastries with it ... What is limitless? Not so much. Therefore briefly: why the name 'Boundless'?

  1. Because the appearance of you, me or anyone else says nothing about who you are. We break through those boundaries. Your personality, passion and values matter. We prefer to emphasize similarities, possibilities and opportunities. When you enter, you do not immediately realize that we do more than just serve coffee, sandwiches and cakes here. It seems as if there is no difference between the employees. Each is worth the same and has the same potential.  
  2. People are literally crossing tens of borders, looking for a safe home. Trainees from Syria, Eritrea, Sudan, Afghanistan and Iran are now part of a team, a family. Then a unique experience is created between guest and employee.
  3. Traditions, customs and dishes from the East enrich Western culture. A Turkish lentil soup with homemade Dutch bread next to it? That happens in Boundless. Hospitality principles from the east are also special. Invitations to come by and enjoy a completely home-cooked meal will fly here.
  4. Every person has their own life story. The status holder's stories broaden our world view. The pain of losing your own home, family and friends can be felt in the conversations and facial expressions. Emotions such as joy and pain are universal and break through boundaries. Connection is created.
  5. Because 'Boundless' is a name that makes people think. What does it mean for you to be limitless?

Do you share your answer with us? We are curious!

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