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6x the tastiest places for lunch in Maastricht

Would you like to spend a day of shopping in Maastricht? Or do you live nearby and just want to treat yourself to a delicious lunch? As far as Grenzeloos is concerned, these are the nicest places to have lunch. Besides, we also have tips for you if you want having breakfast or dining in Maastricht.

1. Limitless Maastricht

Grenzeloos offers dishes that will certainly surprise you. Grenzeloos draws inspiration from the cuisines of the cultures of the trainees who are doing a learning-work program there. It is a social enterprise that helps people with a refugee background to get a flying start in their lives in the Netherlands. So take a quick look at the lunch menu! You can also get one at Grenzeloos nice city walk plus lunch books.

2. Cafe Sunday

'Specializing in paninology and parties since 2001' as this hip and cozy café describes itself. It can already be noted that they serve delicious paninis, but they have a very extensive menu with a lot of choice of goodies. Café Zondag is located in the nice neighborhood 'Wyck'. Here you will find many of Maastricht's hotspots, from cozy cafes to unique shops.

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3. COFFEE Joost and Maartje

This beautiful coffee shop is run by, you guessed it, Joost and Maartje. If you have a passion for coffee, you've come to the right place. At this spot you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the center and enjoy the tranquility. In addition to coffee, they also serve delicious pastries, tasty sandwiches and refreshing salads.

4. Livin' Room Maastricht

At the Livin' Room it really feels like you're sitting in someone's living room. Cozy, cozy, good coffee, and good food. What does a man want more. This hidden gem (with a hidden garden) serves delicious dishes with a (from the owners) Greek influence. Pita pockets, Freddo espresso, Dako salad, a wide choice of goodies that make it feel like you're on holiday in Greece!

5. Pieke Penloed

If you want to taste Maastricht, go to Pieke Potloed. Hidden in a side street of the main shopping street is this picturesque bar-bistro, where you can enjoy the peace, authentic atmosphere and hospitality. On the menu you will find an extensive choice of dishes from the Maastricht and Limburg countryside cuisine.

6. The Bishop Mill

Are you looking for fresh bread or a piece of real Limburg pie? Then De Bisschopsmolen is the right place for you. In their 'taste room' you can have a delicious breakfast and lunch with the 'bread on the shelf' concept. At the counter you choose from the different fresh seasonal toppings you want on your slice of bread, and they prepare it for you.

Now you definitely come to Maastricht for a day, right? Then of course you also need a nice one somewhere Cup of coffee drinks. Come in at Grenzeloos, or take a look at these super cute cafes in Maastricht which we recommend. Hopefully we'll see you soon!

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