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Visit these 7 nice cafes in Maastricht for a coffee

Are you coming to Maastricht and are you looking for a nice lunch or a delicious coffee, then Grenzeloos is of course your best option.

Grenzeloos offers delicious coffee and breakfast, but also sandwiches, wraps and soups that will certainly surprise you.

We get our inspiration from the kitchens of the cultures of the trainees who do a work-study program with us. Grenzeloos is a social enterprise that helps people with a refugee background to make a flying start in their lives in the Netherlands. You can read more about this here our mission.

But if you want something different, we recommend the options below 100%. These restaurateurs inspire us with their passion and love for food and people. Tasty, cozy and affordable! Below 7 restaurant-cafés that make us happy:

1. Wonderforest

It is exactly what you think it is. A café that feels like a dense, green and wonderful forest. You feel like Tarzan or Jane, while enjoying a vegetable latte macchiato, organic soft drink or tasty sandwich or pastry. And who knows, you might walk out the door with a beautiful plant ... (You can buy them!)

2. SAP

Pancakes and bagels… comfort food for the soul. You will not only find it at Boundless but also here. Choose from over 15 types of bagels. Are you on the healthy tour? No worries. There are also smoothies, juices and salads. Be surprised by the diverse menu!

3. Pure Van Wijck

Puur van Wijck's menu has many similarities with ours. That's why we love it too. And… all the more reason to stop by and try a fresh sandwich, cake or coffee! In addition, the interior of the cafe is attractive and modern. It is a small but nice lunch café where you can escape the chaos of everyday life.

4. The Green Carpet / the Greune Luiper

This restaurant is located just outside the center and, like us, has a social mission! Here, people with a disability are given the opportunity to use and develop their talents. The dishes and drinks are varied and value for money. Even if you want to organize a party, you are at the right place at the Greune Luiper (Mestreechs).

5. Lumière Cinema

If you fancy an inexpensive night out, Café Lumière is the place to be. The dishes go through the stomach and heart. A tasty vegetarian burger with fries completely takes away your appetite. After dinner, walk up a flight of stairs, and immerse yourself in one of the films that runs in the cinema. Note: this is not a Pathé, but a film house where artistic films with inspiring stories run. Be prepared to be inspired!

6. The Broth Bar

For healthy, sustainable dishes and products, visit The Broth Bar. The house specialty is the homemade soup. They use a lot of organic fruit and vegetables in what you find on the menu. All products are gluten-free and therefore kind to your gut. Do you need a vitamin boost? Then be sure to visit this healthy lunch bar.

7. Special

Not only are there nice cafes to be found in the center of Maastricht, but also outside. Are you more of a nature person than a city person? Then we recommend visiting the Sint-Pietersberg. Here you have beautiful nature and you can walk through the hills and forests. After a brisk walk, you will regain your energy at Particular. This fun, hip cafe restaurant goes for 100% sustainability and you can taste it!

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