“Very surprising and very nice. Delicious food, really beyond expectations. Nice conversations. Broadens your perspective”  

“Something completely different, different (delicious!) food, good explanation of the dishes, great stories! Have enjoyed!!"

“An evening in your own city”

Unknown flavours. Special conversations. An unforgettable evening.

We invite you to the Meeting! An evening full of flavour, conversation and new discoveries. What's going to happen? Come by and find out!

A table full of stories

The table. Throughout history the place where new friendships are born. Where both dreams and challenges are shared. The place where we meet.

During 'the Meeting' we will set up your chair at our long table. While our chef and our trainees lead you through a culinary experience, you are part of a unique moment. An encounter that takes you into the world of the other.

What will the evening bring? What special conversations will take place, and what friendships will arise?

Discover it with us. We look forward to seeing you!

About Grenzeloos

Grenzeloos is a small restaurant with a big dream. We believe that a more connected society is possible. And everyone benefits from that. 

We are building on that dream through our apprenticeship program in which people who are new to the Netherlands can make a flying start in their new life. And now also through 'the Meeting': a dining experience where you meet people you would not normally run into. Are you dreaming?


The Meeting takes place on Friday evening from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM. Admission is 44.95 – all-in, so including food and drinks. See the form for more details.

Participate in The Meeting

To realize a special evening, participation in 'The Meeting' is only possible by invitation. Do you want to be invited? Please fill in the form below.  


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