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Articles of Association Grenzeloos Maastricht BV
Statutes of the Home in the Netherlands Foundation
Legal structure (organization chart)
Stakeholder analysis





Financial Statements

Annual Accounts 2021 Grenzeloos Maastricht BV
Annual accounts 2022 Grenzeloos Maastricht BV

Remuneration Policy

The directors of the foundation do not receive any remuneration for their management work for the foundation. These directors are entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by them in the performance of their duties. The directors of the BV are entitled to compensation. The Horeca Collective Labor Agreement is followed for our staff. We use a maximum factor of 4 for the ratio between the highest and the lowest salary. In practice, this factor is currently 1.5.

Profit distribution

Grenzeloos BV is a social enterprise, and uses profit primarily to invest in the mission. That is why it is included in the articles of association that at least 50% of the profit is reinvested in the mission.


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