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Grenzeloos breakfast in Maastricht: 4 gems

Delicious breakfast outside. Can you already smell the scent of freshly ground coffee and baked pastries? Start your day well with a delicious breakfast at one of the many breakfast spots in Maastricht. We have selected 4 gems for you.   

1. Grenzeloos

Are you looking for a nice restaurant for breakfast? And do you fancy a cozy place with a social character? Then you are there Grenzeloos at the right place! At Grenzeloos you can have breakfast your way, whether it consists of just a nice drink or whether it is nice and extensive. Breakfast is an expression of culture. You can see this in our menu. From a breakfast with cheese and jam to a hearty soup, it is all possible. The multicultural character of Grenzeloos makes it the unique place that it is. Colleagues and interns bring with them the culture in which they grew up or that they have internalized. We would like to welcome you! 

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2. Van Wijck

Van Wijck is a spot close to the station. Handy if you're on the road and need a break! If you don't have time, there is take-away. At Van Wijck you will find the breakfast culture as it is known from New York, Berlin and Amsterdam, but in Maastricht. Everything is home made. The breakfast is luxurious and extensive and available all day long. A place where you can start your day well.

3. Sweet Coffee

You will find it on the Kesselskade Sweet Coffee. This restaurant is located on the Maas. Here you can have a delicious breakfast and enjoy a good coffee. The two founders (sisters Julie and Nathalie) have developed their own coffee blend! Sweet Coffee started as a coffee bar in Hasselt. The love for traveling and sweets made the sisters expand the concept. Maastricht is now one of Sweet Coffee's seven locations. 

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HOTSPOT: Preps |

4. Preps

Fancy a relaxing start to the day? Then you're in the right place Preps. With its light, warm tones it is an ideal place for relaxation. Of course, you can also get some work done while enjoying the pleasant buzz. Preps has special breakfast options that are often vegan and/or gluten-free. The portions are generous, you will leave here feeling wonderfully satisfied! Tasty and healthy are combined, so there is no need to choose. Preps is centrally located in one of the small streets close to the market.

We wish you lots of breakfast fun in Maastricht! Will we see you soon? 

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