Grenzeloos presents: unique Maastricht postcards of the iconic paintings by Robert Jan van Melle!

About Robert Jan van Melle

Robert Jan van Melle, also known as Van Melle City art, makes wonderfully positive paintings around the city of Maastricht. In his work you will find the characteristic skyline, famous buildings and typical Maastricht themes. look at his Instagram to see more of his work, or contact him via Facebook. For example, to order a personalized painting. 

In short, receiving such a postcard is a guarantee of cheerfulness. And you also support the mission of Grenzeloos. You can buy them on location at Grenzeloos and soon also here online. 

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Who are we?

Grenzeloos is a social enterprise that helps people with a refugee background to get off to a flying start in the Netherlands. Through our apprenticeship trajectory, people prepare themselves for the labor market, learn the language and build a network. We are happy to serve you our delicious coffee, tasty toasted sandwiches and now also Grenzeloos Shared Supper!

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