The work-study trajectory of Grenzeloos helps people with a migration background to build a successful life in the Netherlands.

We focus on the following three goals:

  • Learning the language through training and a lot of practice in practice. This is particularly suitable for people for whom the classroom lessons do not work well, but also for people who want to accelerate their learning of the language.
  • Transition to well-paid work by developing valuable skills and competences. This can involve building employee skills, but also developing competencies such as leadership. We focus on the talents and goals of the trainee, supporting a growth path in the direction of the goals.
  • Building up Dutch-speaking contacts. We support the building of contacts through our personal network.

Questions and answers


Is the apprenticeship program only for people who want to work in the hospitality industry?

New. Outflow to the catering industry is a logical next step, but the apprenticeship program is also very suitable for people who do not have this as their goal. The working environment lends itself very well to personal and language development because it involves a lot of interaction and teamwork. Some affinity with hospitality and/or food is of course desirable.

What does the process require in terms of time investment?

We use a personal approach, and therefore agree on working hours and term for each candidate. The minimum trajectory duration is 6 months, which can be extended if necessary. Most trainees work 12-18 hours a week. 

What requirements must participants meet?

The participants must have a migration background. In addition, they must have a request for help that falls within at least one of our three focus areas (see above). They must have personal motivation to get started with their goals. In terms of language level, we can welcome candidates who are at least literate.

What does a route cost?

We are a social enterprise with the objective of financing our processes ourselves with the turnover from our company. We are currently partially achieving this target. We are currently financing the remaining part with the help of various funds. In principle, the candidate can participate in the program free of charge. If there are sources (for example, a development budget), their use is appreciated.

Is this paid work?

No, participants do the program while retaining benefits or as voluntary work. Our financial model is that we invest in the participants with a team of professionals, and that this investment is recouped by the growing employability of the participant in the catering business. 

Is a referral required?

When the participant receives a benefit, it is necessary to coordinate with his or her consultant. For example, if the participant is still in the AZC, no further coordination is necessary.

What training and coaching do trainees receive?

First, training for specific skills. For example, our chef trains people for working as a kitchen worker, and our barista trainer teaches people everything to get started as a barista. In addition, participants receive Dutch lessons individually or in small groups by an NT2 teacher, if necessary supported by language buddies. There is also targeted (group) training for applying the language in practical situations. Trainees then receive targeted feedback and coaching to grow in responsibility in the workplace. A career counselor is also available to coach trainees in the next steps in personal development or transition to work.  

How can I register a candidate?

Contact Kim at or call 043 851 8101 during opening hours. 

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