At Grenzeloos we love food and drinks. But our real passion and the reason that we exist is a completely different one people. We are a social enterprise with two missions. The first is to help people to flourish, because we believe that everyone is a unique puzzle piece that our city needs. The second is connecting people by being a home for the city.

Our apprenticeship trajectory

To get from A to B we need each other. Do it yourself works well if you want to paint your table, but not if you end up in a foreign country as a refugee. And it shows: with the current approach this group of new residents is lagging far behind: 5-10 years after refugees arrive in the Netherlands, only 40-50% work, compared to 74% of the other inhabitants. This is mainly due to a large gap that has to do with language, lack of the right diplomas, a small network and mental / physical problems.

We believe that this can be done differently, simply by helping each other out. That is why we offer a work-study trajectory, specifically aimed at young status holders. While people do their integration, Grenzeloos gives them the opportunity to gain practical work experience, practice the language and learn skills that help them make a flying start on the Dutch labor market.

Living room of the city

Everyone needs to be seen and known. And in our society that does not always happen. Did you know, for example, that 1 in 3 people in the South Limburg region feel socially lonely? And those numbers are not just the elderly, but also students, expats and young refugees without family in the area. We exist to make a change in that. In a small way: by offering a home or by giving real attention.

Join us

Are you enthusiastic about our mission? We cannot do it alone. We are happy to discover the next step forward together with you. These are concrete options to contribute:

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