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Passion for Food

My name is Zina, I am 41 years old, I have lived in the Netherlands for 13 years, I love it here. I love cooking. When I was 15 years old I started to like cooking, my mother had a recipe book, I was trying something new every day until I could make everything pretty good. In the Netherlands I have many friends of other nationalities, I have also been able to learn many dishes from them. But also Dutch dishes themselves, I found many things really delicious, for example Brussels sprouts and pastries.

This article is part of The Limitless Newspaper. Take a seat, because you will get a unique glimpse into the lives of the trainees who are currently completing the apprenticeship trajectory at Grenzeloos. Our trainees write articles about something they have experienced or are passionate about. Practicing the Dutch language is important for the trainees. Hereby a cordial invitation to talk with one of the trainees about something you have read in this newspaper! Have fun reading (and talking)!

Photo by Carolina Niewöhner

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