From 2021 we will separate our social activities from our company in order to make a clearer distinction. Stichting Thuis in Nederland manages everything related to the work-study trajectories that take place at Grenzeloos. 


Stichting Thuis in Nederland
Chamber of Commerce
Account number
NL31 BUNQ 2056 2173 41

Mailing address
Stichting Thuis in Nederland
Eburonenweg 15
6224HT Maastricht

Management and policy

The aim of the foundation is: To promote the integration between, and the self-reliance of, different population groups. The foundation tries to achieve its goal by organizing learn-work programs, deploying volunteers and experts and raising funds.

Policy plan
FT Coupler - chairman
PS van Schayck - secretary
AM van Schayck - treasurer
Remuneration Policy
The directors do not receive any remuneration for their board work for the foundation. All directors are entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by them in the performance of their duties. The Collective Labor Agreement for Social Work is followed for the personnel.

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