Are you new to the Netherlands and do you want to progress faster with learning the language, finding work and getting to know new people? Or do you run into problems with one or more of these things? Then Grenzeloos is the solution for you. 

At Grenzeloos you as a trainee learn all kinds of things that help you to overcome challenges that you encounter when building a new life in the Netherlands. For example, problems finding work, really learning the language or getting to know people. 

First you learn the language. You will receive personal guidance and also have a lot of opportunity to practice the language in practice, because you work in a Dutch-speaking environment in which you have to talk to the team and guests. 

in addition learn skills and competencies that will help you to find work after your time at Grenzeloos. The first is practical experience in the hospitality industry. But maybe you also want to develop yourself in collaboration, communication or leadership. Also important is the practical experience of how a Dutch company works (the culture). 

Third, we help you in building contacts with other people who speak Dutch. This helps you to get better at the language, but also simply because it is important to have friends around you. 

How does it work practically?

This is what it actually looks like. You will work in our team for at least 6 months, approximately 2 to 3 days a week. After 6 months, some people continue for a while, and some are ready. Everything is tailored to your personal situation. During these hours you are working in the restaurant: in the kitchen, doing the dishes, with the coffee or in contact with the guests. You will also receive training, sometimes in a group and sometimes individually.

Work is not paid: it is for learning, just like school. If you receive a benefit from the government, you keep it while you work with us. We work together with the Municipality for this. 

During this time we work together on your goals. And at the end of your time at Grenzeloos, we look for a good next step together with you and the Municipality. The goal at the end of your trajectory is: paid work that suits you well, a good language level and a number of good contacts with people who speak Dutch. 

Is this something for you? Then send an email to or just visit our location. 

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